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How to create a D.E.A.D monochrome with Photoshop’s Color Picker tool

dead photoshop


D.E.A.D is used in The Zombie Project, a video game developed by Dewan Suh & Olivier Gaffard

zombie project - Dewan Suh


DIGITAL PRINTING _ 100X70 cm _ 2012 /

With this monochrome, generated by typing the letters D.E.A.D in Photoshop’s Color Picker tool, death inserts itself into the lexical field of digital language.


The colour D.E.A.D is also being used in the Zombie Project by Dewan Suh and Oliver Gaffard. This pixel art video game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the characters develop unforeseen abilities to ensure their survival when strange zombies begin to appear. An ideal playground for the colour D.E.A.D.

Video game to be released in 2014.